Hurting yourself
to stop the pain?

If someone you love is hurting themselves to deal with issues, it’s time to talk to someone.

Self-harm may help someone express feelings that are hard to talk about, distract them from life, or just release emotions. The problem is, the same issues will come up again. The best way to get help is to simply talk about it.

Symptoms of self-harm include:

  • Unexplained wounds or scars and frequent accidents
  • Blood stains on clothing, bedding and towels
  • Sharp objects or cutting instruments in person’s belongings
  • Punching things or throwing themself against walls
  • Covering up with long clothing even in warm weather
  • Needing to be alone for long periods of time
  • Cuts, scratches, and/or burns to the skin

If you or someone you love may be causing self-harm, find help and hope at one of the following organizations.

Acacia Medical Mission(830) 228-4219visit sitePrimary medical care to uninsured residents of western Comal County ages 10-64.
CHRISTUS Santa Rosa(830) 606-9111visit site
Connections(830) 629-6571visit siteSocial services, counseling, and preventative education to individuals and families.
Hill Country MHDD(830) 620-6221visit siteClinical services to promote independence and recovery in adults and children with mental health symptoms.
NBCM-Oakwood Counseling(830) 627-7006visit siteLicensed, professional counseling and support groups.
NBCM-Volunters in Medicine(830) 632-5131visit siteNo cost primary medical and dental care to low-income residents of New Braunfels and Comal County who are without health insurance.
NB Door of Hope Counseling Center(830) 632-5039visit siteReduced fee, Christian-based counseling services to the New Braunfels community from mental health professionals.
Resolute Health(830) 500-6005visit site
River City Advocacy(830) 643-0200visit siteSupport groups, life skills workshops and professional counseling for individuals and families.
One in Five Minds(210) 616-0300visit site